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Wabi Sabi Katie Women's March on Denver

Women’s March: What’s Next?

Recently, thousands joined in Denver to stand in protection and support of women’s rights. The Colorado community came together as a united front spreading awareness and pride for womanhood. Members of Impact Hub who attended the march explained that it was not a protest inspired by anger or hatred but rather, a passionate display of positive activism. The Denver Women’s March was a true representation of Colorado’s outstanding engagement in protecting women’s rights. Impact Hub member, Katie Davidson, expressed feelings of immeasurable pride as she witnessed upwards of 200,000 protestors permeate the streets of downtown Denver. In a time of such immense political uncertainty and radical change, it is so essential that we the people join together as guardians of the greater good. The abundance of support and advocacy displayed during the Denver Women’s March serves as reassurance to self employed women in the entrepreneurial world, reassurance that in the most extreme adversity society will stand with and for women. In the words of Katie Davidson, the march “highlighted what there is left to do for true equality.”

As we move forward, activism must be sustained. While the women’s march reached cities nationwide, this movement cannot be limited to a mere day in time. As a country, we must continue to join in relentless pursuit of justice. So, what’s next for the women’s movement? Candidate for Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, Morgan Carroll, recently spoke on this movement at an event for the Democratic Women of Boulder County. Carroll provided her audience with numerous tips for how they can continue to further the movement. Some of Carroll’s tips to citizen’s hoping to get involved were:

  • Assisting to register voters in upcoming elections
  • Volunteering for local and state democratic parties
  • Volunteering and supporting progressive candidates running for office
  • Participating in/or organizing rallies, sit-ins, and/or marches
  • Writing letters to the editor
  • Lastly, to those of us who feel overwhelmed by all that can and must be done, Carroll suggests, “pick[ing] one topic and one action a day everyday for 5 minutes and you will be the Revolution, you will Be The Change we need to see in this world.”

We’d really like to know your thoughts on the women’s march! Comment below if you know of women’s march initiatives in the Boulder area!

Photo Courtesy of Katie Davidson

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