Our friends, partners and overall rockstars, the Unreasonable Institute family, is co-hosting the first truly public party for Impact Hub Boulder, this May 2nd, 2012.

The response has literally been overwhelming.  We expected 100, maybe 120 people to show up at Bacaro.  Now we’ve got over 250 RSVPs.  So, we’re finding a new venue.  We expect it to be confirmed very shortly, and will update the news here, as well as via Eventbrite / email.

If you want to hang out with a diverse network of people intentionally making a positive impact through their work and in their lives, then you ought to plan to be out in Boulder on the evening of May 2nd.


It occurs to us that you might *NOT* be familiar with the Unreasonable Institute, even though it’s hard to be a Boulderite exited about making a positive change in the world and to have remained unaware of the organization for three years.  Started by CU alumni Daniel Epstein, Teju Ravilochan and Tyler Hartung (among others), the Unreasonable Institute has brought a tremendous energy — not to mention 50+ of the most amazing next-generation social entrepreneurs — to Boulder over the past few years.

This group has achieved world reknown, has a TV show currently being presented on Fast Company, and has spawned more Ted Talks than any other single organization.  They have raised a ton of money for their fellows via crowdfunding, in fact having become veritable experts, learning some hard lessons along the way.  Their heartfelt humility is paradoxically paired with an audacious belief that we — and oh yes, it means YOU, too — not only can change the world, but are actually doing it already.  Every day.

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