Today, the Board of Directors announced that Impact Hub Boulder is accepting applications for the Managing Director of Impact Hub Boulder, a job currently held by co-founder and Board Director Greg Berry.  Given that this is likely to raise questions, here’s an overview of the thinking behind the decision, and what’s likely to happen in the coming months.

By way of background, every six months since we started working on this business, we have undertaken a serious review of the business, and our performance against our goals.  These reviews have resulted in a series of pivots, some of which have been obviously publicly, and others, which have not.  From deciding to double our footprint, to the 10,000′ we are in today, to today’s announcement, we have continued our process of prototype, assess, re-align.

Today, we realize that we have two synergistic, but ultimately different businesses.  The Real Estate business we operate provides space for people to work effectively and collaboratively, and generates strong revenues and modest profitability.  The Programming business we operate provides education, gatherings and support for people making positive change in the world, and generates more “spiky” or up-and-down revenues, which is has not been independently profitable since we opened.  Moreover, the two businesses have different demands in terms of skills, staffing and strategy.

Interestingly, it’s a similar decision to Hewlett-Packard’s recent split into two business units, although certainly at a different scale. 

The new Managing Director will run the real estate business, and be responsible for ensuring that we continue our excellent service to the 425+ members on a day-to-day basis.   Our goal is to hire this person by 12/1/14. Apply here.

Greg Berry will take on a new role of Entrepreneur In Residence, and is going to be responsible for our Programming business, and related opportunities, while investigating new ideas and innovations within this broad category, looking to local, state-wide, national and global collaborations.  He will retain his role as Board Director.  This transition takes effect upon the hiring of a new Managing Director.

Hannah Davis will take on the role of Interim Operations Director, and is going to be responsible for  day-to-day operations of the space and hosting functions.  This transition takes effect immediately.

The role of Hosts, Lindsey Brown and Tim Smisek, remain in their central roles serving our members every day, and keeping the space running smoothly.

For those of you who are curious about how to collaborate with us on new programs, classes or events, please reach out to Greg.

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