Last Thursday, March 20th, we enjoyed our third town hall meeting as a community. The night started off with a warm welcome by Greg Berry, who reiterated our mission to be of, by, and for the Boulder community. The meeting addressed not only how we are serving our community well, but also the ways in which we might improve. The end of Town Hall was reserved for members to ask questions and reflect on their experiences here. Read on to hear more about what was discussed at Town Hall…

Member Success
We are thrilled to hear about the many successes our members have been able to enjoy this year! Peter Waters and Rob Slowinski launched Groundwork—an experiential hiring service—and have already secured two clients. Greg Sklar met Matthew King and obtained $50,000 in pledges through the Living Green Foundation network, and his Lung Cleaner has sold over $30,000 in product. Moreover, Greg Sklar was happy to see his interns develop professional connections here; which translated to job placement for many of them. Kim Copounous highlighted that the Benefit Corporation workshop at Impact Hub last month was the most well attended of any B Corp workshop across the nation to date, and several members celebrated the great connections they have developed in the community. We hope you have experienced similar success and inspiration during your time here!

Taking Action
Through a community activity facilitated by our own Dana Dupuis of Listening Impact, we took time to reflect on where we have been, where we are, and where we are going as members and an organization. The member ambassador group has evolved into member led action squads, teams dedicated to improving the Hub experience, fostering community, and enhancing member services. Check out one of the new action squads—New Member Welcome, Member Lunch, Virtual Connection, Everyday Connection, Space Look and Feel—or create your own! All members are wanted and welcome! Click here to learn more about the new action squads and to volunteer! Time on each squad is limited, and is meant to foster deeper member participation without a taxing commitment.

Community Report from Greg
We are pleased to announce that Impact Hub Boulder is close to breaking even, and we have begun to make small investments back into the space. There has been a wave of new membership, and we are confident that revenues will continue to grow. Greg assured members that the team is aware of the issues around density/coworking capacity in our workspace. Though we don’t have an exact idea of what capacity looks like yet, we expect to approach capacity this year. Our team is cognizant of the tension between engaging new members and increasing density, and is taking steps to ensure a smooth transition into a more robust coworking network. Driven by the values of taking action, being of service, fostering entrepreneurial spirit and inclusivity, and maintain operational excellence, we have deepened our commitment to acceleration and incubation. We look forward to the things to come this year, and hope you will share in our success!



About the Author: Cecilia Coetsee earned a B.A. in Business Economics from UCLA, where she served as Board President for the University Cooperative Housing Association. During her time at the UCHA, Cecilia developed a passion for fostering community and cooperation living. She is now working on a M.A. in Organization Communication at CU, with a focus on collaboration. Outside of work, Cecilia enjoys playing and watching sports, as well as fawning over every single pup she bumps into. Though a California native, Cecilia is enjoying the beauty of Boulder and is grateful to be part of the Impact community as an intern.

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