A big huge thank you to everyone who came and participated last night! I know that I learned a lot from all of you, and I hope that everyone walked away as excited about the next two years as I am!

Below you will find a brief recap of some of the questions that were asked and some of the feedback that we got so that we can KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING!! Read the questions and let us know what you think.


Summary of the specific questions ( Please feel free to give us your ideas!) 

  • If you were to crowdfund for an addition to the space, what would you want to fund (i.e. A better espresso machine, a mural, event staging and lighting, furniture, art installations, etc.)
  • I could use more guidance on…
  • How busy is the impact hub and how do you feel about it?
  • Would you be interested in more social gatherings, and if so what would they be (i.e. Alcohol tastings, tournaments like pool or poker, craft nights, etc.)


Summary of the introductions

  • Everyone introduced themselves and there was a popcorn discussion to share successes.

Summary of the open-ended discussion

  • More integration with the campus and/or SPARK
  • More Community-wide events/fun things that bring in non-members
  • Making both successes and failures from the community more visible and accessible
  • A tool to search and learn about other members
  • A managing director who is passionate about the mission, who is a natural connector, plugged into the community, and highly organized who can bring large goals into fruition.
  • More groups, and ways to connect with others
  • Encouraging member leadership and ownership of the space (cleaning duties) and of groups and events.


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