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The Balancing Act

How to you balance work and life? Get these pro-tips from our sage Impact Hub Boulder members.

Ceaselessly in a state of constant growth and evolution, our businesses truly never sleep. As chaos is an overwhelming, dominant force in this work sphere, it can be quite difficult for team members to stay calm, centered, and organized. Juggling a dozen jobs at once leaves little time to maintain or regain balance. At Impact Hub Boulder, we take pride in our work environment and the community that we have created. It is important to us that we continue to nurture the Hub and expand on the opportunities we provide to our members. Productivity is a key component of success and it can be quite difficult to stay on task in the face of all-consuming stress. Through the Hub’s “Member Perks” system, members can take advantage of a 50% discount on a One Boulder Fitness membership, access to a free 20-minute consultation with a personal trainer, or get 33% off visits to a hypnotherapist to overcome a mental block or entrepreneurial hurdle. Below we’ve listed some of our own Hub member’s personal tips for maintaining balance in their work day!


  • “I tend to hit a wall working for hours on end but taking a coffee break and mingling with my other coworkers gives me a much needed break!” –Katie Davidson
  • “After sitting at my desk for hours I really enjoy taking a break just to move around the Hub. Depending on how I feel I can sit by the window and get a view of the sun and enjoy the natural light or I can go sit at a work nook and get into my work zone. I just love the options for mobility here. I also definitely take advantage of how close we are to the Boulder Creek! On a nice day it is the best place to take a break and decompress.”-Maiyu Ondaro
  • “I workout to start my day off on a more tranquil foot and being able to actually shower at the Hub makes that much more possible. I definitely wouldn’t have time to drive home in between.”-Charlie Kuhn
  • “I really like taking a walk down to the Boulder Creek for a break on a hectic afternoon or venturing onto Pearl Street for lunch. It’s so close and such a great atmosphere!”-Katie Loewenstein

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