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Humans of Impact: Sharla Macy

Humans of Impact: Sharla Macy

Sharla Macy believes in the importance of letting some things go in order to focus on things that will contribute to our greater sense of wholeness, positivity and joy.

She is grateful to call herself a Boulderite and enjoys the community vibe this city provides her. She possesses a strong passion for discovering beauty in its different manifestations, whether it is in nature, art or people. This appreciation aids her ability to connect with others.

As CEO of Pursuits Coaching Network she empowers teams, couples, and organizations that aspire to thrive and achieve leadership or relationship goals. “Big vision, small steps” is one of many mantras that helps fuel her everyday work. Success for her is accomplished through the process of envisioning a potential, working through obstacles that may arise, and persevering in order to achieve an established goal.

In order to spark her creativity, she allocates time to be in a quiet place to allow the synchronicity of ideas come to light. She believes forcing ideas is counterproductive and allowing visions to emerge through quiet spaces is essential to letting an idea grow and flourish. She cherishes the support she receives from family, friends and colleagues and dog Maggie Mae. Play and humor also fuels her energy.

Sharla possesses a strong appreciation for the workplace where she can spend quality time with coworkers. She values working with trustworthy individuals who respect the contributions of others. She believes maintaining a productive work place is similar to growing a plant or flower and tending to it everyday.

She is excited to be on the board of Impact Hub Academy and feels humbled to work at Impact Hub Boulder surrounded by such talented people with positive energy. Everyday the Hub provides her with a new experience and potential for growth. She is a team player who is always open to connection and collaboration.

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