We are humbled by the support we’ve received from Rally Software, one of Boulder’s most successful technology startups, and Colorado’s Best Company To Work For, three years running.  Rally delivers software and coaching that deepens a company’s commitment to the Agile product development process. Agile is a development process closely linked to Lean Manufacturing, the Lean Startup and related methodology.

Working with Rally founder and CTO Ryan Martens, we have developed a program that focuses on helping social entrepreneurs and a citizen engineers develop the skills and practices to develop highly effective organizations.  We will host a series of educational events where HUB members and the broader change-maker community can not only learn, AND actively apply, the principles of Agile to their business.  In addition to the program, Impact Hub Boulder will be a key venue for Rally employees to invest their 1% volunteering time (a Rally program that encourages employees to use 1% of their work hours to a non-profit or social enterprise) with Impact Hub Boulder members and projects in our community.

Rally has been committed to sustainability, within their own company, in partnership with clients, and beyond, for some time.  Read their statement about sustainability, which includes, “we believe we can help accelerate the creation and scaling of enterprises and organizations that produce benefits that more than negate their negative impacts.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Impact Hub Boulder, and believe that the intersection of values-driven innovation and effective development processes should instigate some of the strongest and most resilient organizations the world has ever known.  There is a natural evolution of business underway, and both Rally and Impact Hub Boulder exemplify that path.  It’s a pleasure being a Impact Hub Boulder partner,” Martens explained.

Stay tuned for more developments, and the announcement of the first Rally program, “Think Like An Agilist.”

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