We are excited to announce a partnership core to our existence and beliefs. This week, Rally Software launched their Rally For Impact program, a ground-breaking expansion of the company’s social mission.

The main goal of Rally For Impact is to mobilize engineers to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Rally For Impact’s goal is to accelerate the growth and adoption of citizen engineering activities in communities around the world by leveraging Rally’s expertise, products, services, partners, customers and foundation grants. Watch this 4 minute video to best understand the mission and drive behind Rally For Impact:

Rally Software is partnering with Impact Hub Boulder, as well as the Unreasonable Institute, B Lab, and Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute (RMMFI), to develop and refine the programs for Rally For Impact.

Why We’re Excited

Rally, led by Founder and CTO Ryan Martens, inspire us and exemplify many aspects of our burgeoning Impact Hub Boulder community. Specifically:

  • Rally’s core existence promotes the adoption of Agile thinking within large, engineering-driven organizations, both in IT and manufacturing.  Agile, related to Lean Manufacturing, is a development philosophy focused on the reduction of waste.  In other words, Agile is a very real and practical implementation of sustainability principles.
  • Rally is a for-profit, venture-funded company with a social mission. They have the opportunity to set precedence for the intersection of profits and social impact in a way that many social-first organizations will never achieve.
  • Rally For Impact is a project which stays within the company, and does not get set aside in a non-profit foundation which gets separated from the day-to-day operations of the core business.
  • Ryan Martens’ appreciation of the need to be a socially responsible organization comes from an engineer’s perspective on the problems facing society, respects the emerging science and supports practical, engineering-based solutions.
  • Rally now has a physical presence in several cities around the globe, cities where other HUBs operate, allowing the two communities to thrive locally and globally.
  • Rally is recognized as a leader for it’s IT and entrepreneurial prowess, locally, nationally and globally. Their ability to influence opinions of single-bottom-line businesses, including many Fortune 500 clients, with a rational story provides them with access to a different community of people than traditional non-profits.
  • Rally has been recognized as the best companies to work for in Colorado for the past six years, and actively supports a diverse set of organizations in our home town.

What We’re Doing

Beginning late this fall, as Impact Hub Boulder opens its doors, we will present an educational series called “Think Like An Agilist,” which presents the core values of Agile and Lean to a wide variety of social entrepreneurs and citizen engineers, helping them be more effective, less wasteful, and use (often limited) resources for their highest and best use.  In short, we’ll empower social entrepreneurs with the same benefits that huge engineering teams are using for their own competitive advantage.

In addition, the Impact Hub Boulder staff is leveraging continuous improvement and Agile processes to run our business, integrating Agile to the DNA of our work style.

We also welcome Rally employees to Impact Hub Boulder, so they can meet citizen engineers and social entrepreneurs, where they might choose to invest their 1% donated time, which is part of Rally’s social responsibility program.

Over time, we look forward to sharing these initiatives with HUBs around the world, to expand the impact, and help grow a new generation of Agile entrepreneurs and citizen engineers.

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