Greg Berry

My roles in the Impact Hub network exemplifies decades of leadership at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. For 20 years, my personal practice has focused on catalyzing COMMUNITIES OF ACTION that not only learn, but create tangible change. I am passionate about mindful leadership and the ongoing development of Colorado’s purpose-driven economy.

I believe strongly in the blended power of business productivity and social responsibility, and am keen on building organizations with lasting impact in the realms of people, environment and money. I work actively to support a shift in investing behavior, towards more holistic and responsible approach, which is now commonly called ‘impact investing.’

Impact Hub Boulder provides a unique opportunity to catalyze one of the most inspiring communities of change-makers I’ve encountered in a career that has included working with African farmers, Arab sheikhs, Silicon Valley geeks, New York journalists, Norwegian philanthropists, Detroit education reformers, and a long list of global policy makers, business leaders and social justice activists. My work in the Impact Hub Network expands globally, with my election of the Impact Hub Association’s Board of Directors in late 2014.

I have launched nine businesses either by myself or as part of a founding team, and led AOL’s Digital City Denver creative unit during a transition and integration into the pre-Time Warner AOL. I have been integral to launching a dozen new media products, most of which became leaders in their respective niches.

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