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Youth Entrepreneurship Program

This course is for young people ages 14-21 who are ready to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship through a project-based and experiential learning lense.
  • Acquire key skill sets to engage, collaborate, and innovate.
  • Recieve mentoring and internship opportunities through experts from entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Create positive social or environmental impact.

Phases of the Program

“Business and Career Experience” – NOV 7 & NOV 14 6:30-9:30 pm
  • Mentoring and networking- learn from real entrepreneurs.
  • “Future of Work” – imagine a career to realize passion and purpose.
“Entrepreneurial Playground” – DEC 5, 6:30-9:30 pm & DEC 9, 2-5 pm
  • Prototype Design of a global challenge for impact.
  • Pitch deck and Pitchfest competition.


  • Societal challenges demand new solutions and different ways of approaching problems. Creating jobs of the future and finding new, innovative ways to tackle challenges requires an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • The entrepreneurial mindset is applicable to any situation in which ideas, creativity, and a focus on partners are used to solve problems.
  • The traditional career path is becoming a thing of the past where up to 50 percent of students now entering college will be self-employed or will freelance at some point in their careers. This is the “Future of Work.”


  • On November 7, explore how the entrepreneurial mindset leads you on a journey towards personal growth and development, empowerment, and the future of work. Engage in meaningful networking and mentoring by collaborating with entrepreneurs to learn about skillset development and methods to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • On November 14, engage in a career fair where real-world entrepreneurs will post career opportunities, interview you, and hire you. This simulated fair allows you to join and work with entrepreneurs as part of a team to solve problems. On December 5 and 9, design a solution and pitch.


An entrepreneurial mindset involves initiative, adaptability, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, future orientation and, risk-taking.

A group of pictures of students from past programs in Fort Collins, CO.
Check out some shots from a previous Youth Lab course in Fort Collins, CO!

Program Dates

We have created Fall intergenerational workshops that take place over the evenings of November 7, 14, and December 5, concluding with a pitchfest on December 9. Please refer to the program below for more details.

We invite you to participate in these events as mentors and entrepreneurs. The intent is to meaningfully connect all mentors and entrepreneurs with high school and college youth. Please register at

On November 14, we are holding a “future of work” career fair where you as an entrepreneur can participate by posting career opportunities, interviewing and hiring our students. This simulated fair allows our students to join and work with you on your existing ideas and problems. RSVP to this event at

Finally, we ask that you help us make these programs available to all youth by nominating one high school or college student for this program. Students you nominate can apply at

What's Included


Mentorship is available to students enrolled in the program through Youth Lab and also through the Impact Hub’s in-house Mentor Program. Spending time with mentors helps students develop key entrepreneurial knowledge and options for career pathways as well as helps students determine how to translate their idea into a start-up entrepreneurial venture.

Youth Membership at Impact Hub Boulder

Youth Members will have access to working out of Impact Hub’s focused and inspiring co-working space on their projects as well as immersing themselves in Impact Hub’s “Ecosystem” of entrepreneurs, innovators, and organizations working to change the world through social enterprise and leadership. Students will utilize their Youth Membership to meet with mentors, expose themselves to new perspectives, purposeful career options, access to workshops and cutting-edge events, internship opportunities and real-world approaches rarely accessible in conventional education models.

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Youth Lab catalyzes entrepreneurial empowerment through mentorship and educational programs for youth of 14 to 21. Learning is project-based and experiential encompassing the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, prototyping, and career pathways.

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