HUB has now been open for seven months, and hosting gatherings to catalyze community for over a year.  This April, we had a strategic board retreat, where we reflected primarily on our values and impact metrics.  While we refined our language, and merged a few similar concepts (community and collaboration, for instance), the primary addition is Operational Excellence.  Within that domain, we include a focus on data analysis to balance our intuition.

When we began collecting more data, information, observations and feedback, we continued learning about the best way to achieve our financial and impact goals, and where to focus our finite resources.

With some key trends established, we have decided to shift our focus more heavily on the success of our members, and are rolling out two initiatives which will serve as building blocks for a strategy that will evolve to include acceleration and ultimately incubation of change-making organizations.  Along this line, we are going to move away from heavily produced events that we own and produce exclusively ourselves, and focus a reduced amount of energy on building great events with partners.  These events will focus more on building organizations, and will look more like scrimmages, start-up weekends, and other events where, as our tagline expresses, “change goes to work.”

We will be talking about this in more detail at the upcoming Town Hall, scheduled for July 11th, from 5:oopm to 7:00pm.  We welcome your questions and dialog on how our work evolves.

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