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Office Hours Has Launched

We wrote recently about our pivot, which points us in the direction of focusing our primary energy on the success of HUB members.  One of the key pieces of that strategy is to make advisors available to HUB members and our broader community.

Office Hours is one of those systems so simple and easy to understand that it barely deserves an explanation.  Gain access to some of the best, brightest and most connected folks in entrepreneurship and investing for a positive impact, and resolve the challenges you face.  We are building this program over the summer, and will continue to add new advisors on a rolling basis.

Already underway? Of course it is. We’ve been connecting members with one another since before we opened our doors, and have helped tech entrepreneurs find Advisory Board members, helped a recently funded entrepreneur source a CFO, and have made connections that opened channels to new streams of capital.  Now we’ll put some technology and thought into refining the process.

So, who might you find? Leaders, executives, investors, specialists, wisdom-keepers, coaches and some of the most inspiring change-makers in our community.  As we take the platform into it’s first phase, and ensure the technology is working, we’ll start with Impact Hub Boulder’s founders and board, and will then slowly expand our offering. Email Greg Berry to nominate yourself or an excellent candidate to become an advisor (and be patient with us while we get the rough edges sanded off the on-boarding process).  Take a peek at our ever-growing member list to get your imagination flowing.

Members only? Certainly not at the beginning. We welcome the broader entrepreneurial community to experience the benefits of the HUB community. As we learn about the demand for this service, we’ll adjust our thinking. Assuming high demand, we’ll adjust our thinking, and likely prioritize HUB members, if not ultimately limit this to a members-only benefit. But we’re still ahead of ourselves on that one.

Only 20 minutes? We’ll introduce the program with 20-minute sessions.  This provides a window for advisors to see a good number of folks in a short time, and encourages the seeker to tightly hone the presentation / request / inquiry.  If discussions need to carry on beyond the initial session, those can be scheduled in follow-up, if both parties are amenable.

More questions? Join us at the Town Hall on July 11th, or check in with our hosts for more information.

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