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Next Step Fitness

Next Step Fitness

We’ve partnered with Next Step Fitness to provide all Impact Hub members with a free consultation, right here at the Hub, plus exclusively discounted packages for rehabilitative training, personal training and body work.

Reach Your Peak Performance in 2017
Your body has its own unique story. Next Step Fitness will work with you to create a customized fitness plan, starting with a free consultation at Impact Hub Boulder. The Next Step methodology unwinds dysfunctional patterns and restores proper, pain-free function through a combination of strengthening exercises, facilitated stretching, manual soft-tissue work, and personal training. “It’s about putting together the right formula for each person,” says Jeff, founder of Next Step. “No two bodies have the same history, why would your fitness plan be the same as everyone else’s?” For 12 years, Jeff’s clients have taken ‘their next step’—living pain-free, losing weight, and completing their first races. After your initial consultation, you will meet Jeff at the gym or at home to design your unique fitness plan.

Free 20-minute consultation at the Impact Hub. Jeff will be in on Wednesday afternoons to give you personalized tips based on your goals.
10% off first package (5 sessions to create a personalized Home Program)
20% off first package (10 sessions including facilitated stretching, manual soft tissue work, Personal Training, and optional Home Program)

Sessions are 45 min in length Individual retail value $60. 
Perk applied to first package purchase, expires March 2, 2017

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About Jeff
With over 12 years and 20,000 hours experience, Jeff knows the most effective methods to help you achieve your goals. He is a graduate of the leading Kinesiology program from Indiana University, trained in anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, sport psychology, and neuromuscular activation. He also developed the ‘ACTIVEX’ program, a combination of stretch, strength, and manual soft-tissue work.

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