Meet the Members:

Lara Pearson

  • “I grow and protect soulful brands” at Exemplar Law
  • Crafting a Code of Cooperation for our stakeholders to ensure values alignment amongst all our firm’s stakeholders (team members, clients, suppliers, membership organizations).
  • Looking for a sustainability intern IN BOSTON for Q1 2015.

Alfred Sawatzky

  • Technical Lead iFactor Consulting
  • “Local boulder good guy, dad and husband”

Greg Cahill “Ginger Snap”

  • Technical Manager iFactor Consulting

Debbie Anderson

  • IT Project Manager specializing in electric and gas utility applications Project Manager iFactor Consulting

Thomas Hill

  • Professional with Experience in Academic and Nonfiction Titles President Lampas Ghostwriting & Editing.
  • I’m working on two ghostwriting projects, a developmental editing project, and a handful of book design projects.

Jennifer Nicoll

  • Internal financial and process auditor with a splash of operations management
  • Working on Operations, logistics, internal auditing.

Jonathan Brumbaugh –

  • Director of Photography specializing in cinematic video production
  • I am the co-founder of a media venture that specializes in cinematic storytelling, brand strategy, and digital marketing for impact driven companies, causes, spaces, and places.


Justin Arnold

  • Business planning and eventual launch!

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