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Impact Hub Boulder Mentor Program

We’ve convened some of the best leaders with a diverse set of expertise to help you launch, grow, and scale your business! This ever-expanding list of experts will work with you and your team 1-on-1 to inspire, connect, and enable your best work at every stage of your business and life journey.

Our Mentors

Ray Thompson

Expertise: Impact Measurement, Sales, Non-Profits, Customer Acquisition, Pitching, Leadership Development, Business Strategy, Operations, Business Process Optimization and Automation, and Hiring +Talent Management

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Katrina Pfannkuch

Expertise: Marketing, Professional Writing & Blogging, Content Strategy, Podcasting, Personal Development, Digital Marketing, & Business Strategy.

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Brian Baker

Expertise: Design, Customer Insights, Consumer Electronics, Digital Design & Development, Startup Management, Product Strategy, and Corporate Strategy

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Carey Mason

Expertise: Providing a holistic view for businesses by identifying business areas for focus that can create the best impact on the overall financial health of the business.

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Sue Stash

Sue Stash

Expertise: Marketing, Sales, Customer Acquisition, Networking, Pitching, Leadership Development, Hiring, PR & Media Relations, Startups

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James Murphy

Jim Murphy

Expertise: Startups and Small Businesses, Short and long-term Strategic Planning, Marketing and Positioning, Effective Pitching, Sales, Distribution Development, Coaching Entrepreneurs

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Mentor Program FAQ's

Participation in the mentorship program is free for Hub members! If you are not a Hub member and are interested in joining our mentorship program, we encourage you to become a Hub member to receive expert-level mentorship in the areas of expertise that you need the most!

Our member program is for our members only. In the future we intend to offer mentorship at a cost to nonmembers. 

Expert mentorship provides the key knowledge, skills, and advice that mentees need to start, grow, and scale their businesses or advance their careers.

Mentors can also connect mentees to new opportunities, resources and even capital that would previously be out of reach without their new key contact. Impact Hub Boulder’s uniquely selected group of mentors seek to generously support you in your journey towards financial success and deep impact!

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