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Member Spotlight : Sarah Kraft

For the past year, the Naturally Boulder office has been housed at Impact Hub Boulder. We are excited to support the Naturally Boulder community with co-working, and ongoing educational events. Impact Hub invites YOU to become part of the natural products tribe that emerging in our already vibrant member community. Check out our member benefits here, and email us to schedule a personal tour to see if Impact Hub is a good fit for you an your business. We can’t wait to see you! 

Member Spotlight by Sarah Kraft 

I’m Sarah Kraft. My dharma is to make the world a more loving and connected place and that’s ultimately why I’m a member of the Impact Hub. I wear many hats… and among them, I am the founder of Rhythm of Life, the parent company of Birth Institute and Eco Living Institute. We support healthy families and better living through education programs.

My work in maternal health, ecology and education spans the globe. A few years ago, I was traveling in SE Asia and discovered a traditional food product that is widely unknown in the US and was inspired to start a food business which is now in the final phase of research and development. I would tell you what the product is, but that’s top secret for the moment. All I will say is that you will be intrigued, and you will be hooked when the product is launched in 2016.

My vision and drive is to create a company that not only creates a superior product, that attracts investors like bees to honey and is wildly successful in the consumer market – it is to make the world a better place through my business. From regenerative agricultural practices and cooperative business ownership that brings health and abundance in the form of living, social, financial and spiritual capital to B corporation status and of course rock-star backstage pass status at natural products expo… I want to build my business to be something great. Something great that is an extension of my values and beliefs while simultaneously stretching me beyond my own boundaries to be bigger than I ever believed imaginable.

And let me tell you, these goals are hard to accomplish in my pajamas, in my basement or jumping from coffee shop to coffee shop.

Bringing my vision to life requires constant connection and feedback. Being a member of organizations like Naturally Boulder give me tools and connection… and extending that kind of education and connection into my daily work life through the Impact Hub has been the undeniable silver bullet to propel me toward my own vision and support my ideals.

Showing up here at Impact Hub Boulder every day, plopping down next to other like-minded, equally hard working and perhaps slightly delusional people is nothing short of critical to my business success. At the Hub my ideals become tangible. This is true in the form of collaboration and connection which sometimes feels like divine intervention.

I wanted to learn from industry leaders who have walked this path before and within a week, I met the CEO of one of my favorite natural products companies, who happened to be here for a meeting. I literally bumped into him and we met in the process of my awkward apologies. I needed a chef and attended a Hub organized  member lunch. Who was there but a chef? I needed advisors and I found not one but several advisors here. I needed a break from my own madness and was invited to attend a retreat at Gold Lake, comprised of friends who work here, where I not only did some profound and deep soul searching, I met one of my now business partners.

Just this week, I said to myself, I wish that I could deepen my meditation practice and I was  invited me to attend the Hub’s new “Mindfulness Circle” held every Tuesday morning.

And those are just the most potent examples. On a more subtle level, even in interactions with people who do not directly benefit me or my business, this is my tribe. The colleagues that I share desk space with are my people. You know? They are people that also have a dharma and are actively living it out every day.

So now, I hope that you are curious. I hope that you have heard a little piece of yourself in my story and if you have, I hope to see you here at Impact Hub Boulder soon. There is nothing I would love more than to expand the tribe, to support each other’s personal and professional path toward greatness and a better world.


Sarah Kraft, Founder, Birth Institute & Padma Food and Beverage Corporation

Hub member since: 2014

Impact Objective: (I’ve got 2!)

1. Better birth. Better world. 2. Healthy food. Healthy Planet.

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