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Member Spotlight: A Better Story Out of West Africa

Who knew that warthogs were so cute?

The Take One Creative team spent much of October in northwestern Ghana collecting video, images and stories on behalf of our client Zaina Ecolodge. The luxury safari lodge, the first of its kind in West Africa, will open in March 2015 in Ghana’s Mole (say ‘mow-lay’) National Park. We were on site to document a number of aspects of the lodge and its story, all for the purpose of building excitement about the lodge’s launch. We’re creating a brand video and supporting videos for the lodge’s marketing team, along with a media kit, image library, and a stack of social media content.

Take One Creative develops media (video, print and electronic) that tells stories on behalf of mission-driven businesses and organizations. Zaina is our kind of client, with a triple-bottom-line focus on community development, environmental restoration, and profitability. The lodge itself will bring a level of service and luxury that doesn’t exist in northern Ghana, and will be marketed primarily to Ghanaians, other West Africans, and expatriates. The primary attraction in Mole is the elephants (it’s the only place in the world where you may approach elephants on foot – we got within 20 meters of a big bull), and the birds (more than 350 recorded species).

When the 4,500 square kilometer park was created in the 1970s, indigenous communities were displaced to its perimeter. By creating economic opportunities (60 men are working on building the lodge now, and more than 40 will be hired to run it), the Zaina team is both helping the local economy and reducing the incentive for locals to poach game animals. This is an important part of the story we’re telling on behalf of the Zaina team, who want their clients to simultaneously have a luxurious trip and feel good about doing so.

As for the warthogs, this trio took shelter each evening outside my door at the nearby Mole Motel, where we were based. I grew fond of them, even though they grunted and thumped and kicked the door all night. I look forward to seeing them again when we return to Mole in a few months to document the fully operational lodge.

Written By Hal Clifford
Principal, Take One Creative (


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