As we head into the first full week of 2016, I want to take a moment to express some gratitude, relay a few upcoming improvements, and share a brief update.

First, with deep respect, I am happy to extend gratitude to the members of the Impact Hub Boulder community on behalf of the staff and board. Impact Hub as a local and global community lives and breathes through the passion and engagement of its members. We are very grateful for your presence, contributions to the community, and continued support. Here’s looking forward to a wonderful and expansive 2016.

The next few months will see a number of additional improvements, with a select few highlighted here:

  • Revamped education platform with more classes and teachers in the pipeline. Stay tuned for announcements in our newsletters and please take a handful of classes in the upcoming months and give us feedback.
  • Strong resurgence of our focus on programs. The preceding classes are a part of this, as are high-value evening events on a variety of topics related to our core mission. Look for a growing schedule in the next few months.
  • Continued investment in operations, processes, quality and service. We are investing in our team and the space, and commit to our members a consistently excellent experience moving forward.
  • Growing opportunities for members to get engaged, propose and potentially pilot programs, and help make this community stronger. We look forward to seeing you engage, contribute, and lead from within this community!

As an update, over the holidays, the staff invested a lot of time in evaluating and improving a wide range of systems, processes, and the physical space. It is a pleasure to have such a hard-working and passionate team and I know they have more improvements still in the works. Look forward to revisiting the space if you haven’t been by for a month or so, and please take a moment to thank the staff for all of their hard work.

In addition, our team is evolving with a few key changes:

  • Mark Etem is now our Director of Operations, and is a powerhouse of energy, innovation, and leadership. Mark leads the host team and is your main point of contact for all things membership-related. (Learn more about Mark on LinkedIn.) Please take a moment to meet Mark and share any ideas for improvement or innovation you may have.
  • Shannon Sunderland stepped into a very critical role as our new Director of Programs & Partnerships. Her leadership in re-building these initiatives is deeply appreciated and we are honored to have her leading these efforts. (Learn more about Shannon on LinkedIn.) Please reach out to Shannon with any values-aligned program ideas you’d like to potentially pilot with Impact Hub Boulder. Key considerations are values-alignment, relevancy to our members, potential long-term sustainability (i.e. needs to be net neutral or profitable), and your passion for playing a role in getting things off the ground.

For those of you who have not met me in person yet, please grab me and say hello, or drop me an email (peter {at} impacthubboulder {dot} com). I’d love to connect and hear about your experience as a member.

Thank you again for your membership and commitment to this community!

Peter Begley
Managing Director & CFO

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