When Impact Hub Boulder member Wyling Cambrium launched a Generator sales and service company over fourteen years ago, the business had great initial success. Unfortunately, the business eventually started to struggle and Wyling began looking for unconventional ways to revive the company and get it back on track. He hired a feng shui consultant and after implementing feng shui into the space, the results were “…nothing short of amazing.”

After this experience, Wyling decided to switch careers and studied under three students of a feng shui Master before starting his own consultant work. He innovated a streamlined feng shui method that can be used by anyone: Life Chi Feng Shui Crystals.

Clients who have used Life Chi crystals have experienced improvement in their environment, career, health and overall wellbeing. We connected with Wyling to hear more about what makes Life Chi Fen Shui Crystals so unique and how feng shui has impacted him and his career trajectory.

In what ways was your Generator business struggling? What improvements occurred when you introduced feng shui to the business?

“Two examples: The business started out making money nicely but then ran into some problems which FS alleviated. I had been recruiting a woman to be general manager and sales person for three years and had given up on her. I was burning out on doing everything and needed someone great. I had my FS consultant down for yet another consultation. She told me to plant a certain tree in my helpful people corner. It sounded crazy but the woman I’d been recruiting walked in a week later wanting the job.”

How can using feng shui to balance Chi influence someone’s professional success?

“Chi controls much of our lives. When it’s off, we suffer. When chi is flowing properly everything is better. The results are often quick and amazing. A few examples: A large machine shop increased their business during a recession while shops around them were troubled. A health food store had its biggest week ever and staff morale improved. Students became more receptive to the lessons when a teacher got Life Chi for her classroom.”

Wyling’s approach to feng shui is probably different from what you may have heard of or read about in a “do-it-yourself” book. His updated approach to this ancient art involves energizing natural crystals with “the power of a multitude of feng shui cures and space clearings.” When placed in a business or home, the energy of the crystals emanates to balance Chi and takes the place of traditional feng shui.

Wyling is offering all Impact Hub Boulder members 25% off Life Chi crystals during the month of August. To learn more about his business, Wyling’s future plans or to order Life Chi crystals, email wyling@lifechi.com, or meet him at an upcoming HUB event.

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