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Community Comes Together Around LGBTQ Businesses

Community Comes Together Around LGBTQ Businesses

Since Impact Hub Boulder’s opening in 2012, we have made it our mission to establish and support a business community that is open, diverse, and accessible. Over the past 4+ years, we have established a strong presence and business network within the entrepreneurial community in Boulder.

As explained by Impact Hub Boulder’s Director of Operations and Membership, Emmett Skiles, “Impact Hub aspires to serve as a bridge between various sectors within Boulder’s business community. Connecting to more networking groups has become an important part of our outreach goals for this year.”

In talking with Mardi Moore, Executive Director of OutBoulder, and Jim Smith, the Co-Chair of the Denver Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, we mutually recognized the absence of an LGBTQ business referral network for the Boulder area. Although there is a strong sense of community within Boulder, there are few social platforms by which individuals with these shared interests can easily connect.

Mardi has been heavily involved in LGBTQ politics and activism for the past thirty years and began working with OutBoulder in 2013. In her time as Director of OutBoulder, Mardi comments, “We find that people often contact our organization with questions regarding Boulder’s LGBTQ business community, yet too frequently, there is little to no information OutBoulder can provide. Between outdated local business directories and limited means for accessing LGBTQ professional networks, it is quite difficult for OutBoulder to be of much assistance.”

In an effort to enhance and further develop Boulder’s LGBTQ business sphere, Impact Hub, OutBoulder, and the Denver Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce have enthusiastically joined forces in hopes of establishing a local business network for this niche which includes: entrepreneurs, employee groups in larger companies, and their allies. The ultimate goal is to have more cohesion for the LGBTQ business groups here in Boulder, creating a system that is more efficient, accessible, and reliable.

Come join us in jumpstarting the movement with our LGBTQ Inclusiveness Town Hall event on April 13th at Impact Hub Boulder from 6:30pm-8:00pm! This is just the beginning!

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