One in 3 employees are planning to leave their job within the next 12 months. The majority of these people are planning to leave because they aren’t satisfied with their current job. In fact, according to ReWork, employee loyalty is at a 7-year low. These statistics reflect a growing trend towards employees seeking work that is not only financially stable, but also fulfilling and connected to their values.

Are you at the beginning of your career, or looking to make a mid-career shift towards work that is more satisfying and personally meaningful? Are you unsure of how to actualize the career you desire? If so, the July 16th Impact Hub Boulder Workbench session “How to Have a Career Worth Having” will be right up your alley. Lead by Nathaniel Koloc, this Workbench will highlight the key elements of professional competitive advantage, and how to use them to ensure that you always have work that is inspiring, fulfilling, and financially rewarding.

This is the second session in the newly launched HUB Workbench program. Workbench provides core entrepreneurial education that moves organizations and entrepreneurs forward immediately. Taught by members, HUB Workbench provides unique access to successful and experienced professionals that support changemakers in developing the skills they need to succeed. Our teachers are business leaders, technical experts and entrepreneurs who deliver practical knowledge that helps build strong organizations. The Workbench community will help you learn skills, build your project, and impact the world. Sessions are FREE for Impact Hub Boulder members (promo code needed for discount), and tickets are available to the public for an affordable price.

“How to Have a Career Worth Having” will include:

  • A new model for career strategy, and the key ingredients of meaningful work – so that you can put yourself on autopilot towards creating a career filled with meaning, contribution, and success.
  • The one thing you can do to immediately give yourself an advantage over 98% of other professionals when it comes to getting jobs and promotions.
  • The 8 traits that hiring managers at the most exciting and innovative organizations are looking for, and how you can cultivate them.

Nathaniel Koloc is the co-founder of ReWork and has spent the past few years working in the trenches to connect talented people with the right hiring companies. Working from their office at Impact Hub Boulder, ReWork is a Boulder-based startup that helps talented professionals find meaningful work by connecting them to hiring managers at companies that are making social, environmental, and cultural progress. In addition to providing job opportunities, ReWork convenes events for networking and skill-building, to engage its community of professionals. To gain some insight into the background that lead to ReWork and this Workbench session, Nathaniel told us a little bit about himself.

Everybody has a different picture of fulfillment…what do you personally require to feel fulfilled in your professional life?

“I’m someone who needs a lot of variety in my work. I’m most fulfilled when I’m working on different kinds of tasks over the course of a week – differing things like project management, competitive analysis, writing articles, and doing sales calls. Also, I have to have a team that I enjoy working with or else I’ll start to lose my ability to be present. There’s no substitute for a sharp team who cares about their work!”

How many people has ReWork found meaningful jobs for since it’s inception in 2011?

“If you count projects (things like grant writing gigs), we’ve made just over 40 official placements since we got started. However, if you count people finding jobs and opportunities by networking at our events, taking our online course, or generally being in our orbit, the number is probably closer to 100.”

If you could go back to the time you where you were just about to launch your career, what is the once piece of advice you’d give yourself that you didn’t have at the time?

“The one piece of advice I’d give myself (and anyone else starting out) is to get ready for an interesting ride, and to treat the entire thing like a grand experiment. That means to treat it like what it is – a winding adventure during which you’ll try a bunch of things, some will work and some won’t, but what matters most is learning what your talents are, how you want to apply them, and who wants to hire you to do so.”

What was the worst job you ever had?

“The worst job I ever had was probably selling fudge in Costco in Florida. We had to get up super early, set up shop and peddle fudge for 12-16 hours shifts, be social and engaged the entire time, and then repeat – for four days straight. I’m not passionate about fudge, so it was tough. Other contenders for my worst job are being a bouncer at a lame night club and working for Williams-Sonoma for a semester in college.”

 Who should attend this workbench session?

“This workshop will be most useful for people who know that finding meaningful work is a priority in their life, but aren’t sure exactly what that means or how to do it. This includes recent grads as well as those making mid-career transitions – the content is widely applicable!”

If you’re looking to gain wisdom on how to have a career worth having, join us and Nathaniel @Impact Hub Boulder on Tuesday, July 16th from 4:00-5:00pm. HUB members, email to receive your discount code for free attendance. Please RSVP in advance by visiting our registration page. If you are a Impact Hub Boulder member and would like to teach your own Workbench session, fill out our quick Workbench Teacher Application  and speak with HUB’s Hannah for more details. Help us build this program to it’s fullest potential by leading a session and sharing your professional wisdom with the HUB community!


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