Join us for a talk with one of the most interesting, knowledgeable and outspoken veterans of impact investing and social enterprise.

Jed Emerson has more accolades, honorary posts, teaching fellowships and speaking gigs than just all but a tiny handful in this emerging sector.  He’s the creator of the notion of Blended Value (which resolves many rational concerns about the metrics and management side of “triple bottom line,” co-author of a book titled, simply, Impact Investing (which provides a rational case for the practice), and currently works on projects spanning three continents.

Jed’s also got a deep connection with Colorado.  He’s owned a home near Granby, CO for a long while, and retreats there for the ecological wisdom our corner of the earth provides.  Although the picture to the right sure looks like it could be on his back patio, it’s actually from travels in Bhutan.  Maybe that’s why he looks so happy.

Jed spoke to the Sustainable Ventures Meetup a few years back, where we explored a wide range of issues, from how to think about an “exit” from an impact investment, to the integrity of financial markets, providing a unique insight and wit to our community.  Scott Perlman, COO of Kula Causes, wrote, “Jed was the most well informed speaker I’ve ever heard on the subject of socially impactful investing – especially on the macro level. I really enjoyed his discussion of the “industry”.

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