The time is nearing for our long-anticipated Impact Investing Collaboratory on June 12th 9:30-5:30, cohosted with LOHAS!  If you haven’t yet registered, please do so as soon as possible so we can reserve your spot.  We have a great line-up of speakers and events taking place, so this is not to be missed!  For what to expect and more information, view the original post.

You can register on the LOHAS Conference Registration Page. The conference is $225, which includes the day, plus lunch, and the opening evening of the LOHAS Forum.  Impact Hub Boulder Members and LOHAS Forum attendees pay $150 (HUB Members contact Emily Higgins — emily [[at]] hubboulder [[dot]] com to get your discount code, or find it in your Members Newsletter).

To get you excited about the event, here is the agenda!

LOHAS Impact Investing Collaboratory
Working together to increase impact enterprise funding.

Theme : What’s the deal?  People with real-world experience talk about making and raising investments that balance financial returns with positive impact, on the regional economy, on the environment, and on social equity.

REGISTRATION: Rembrandt Yard, 1301 Spruce St. 2nd Floor Boulder, CO 80302

9:30 – 10:00 am – NETWORKING and COFFEE

10:00 – 11:00 am – OPENING
Introductions, welcome and frame-up.
Interview:  Kimbal Musk is one of the more successful entrepreneurs in Boulder.  The interview provides attendees with a rare insight into his world view, and perspective on impact, entrepreneurship and investing.
o   Kimbal Musk, Board Director, The Kitchen, Tesla, SpaceX
o   Bill Shutkin, President, Presidio School of Graduate Management (Moderator)

11 – 12:30 pm – CONCURRENT DISCUSSIONS – Thematic Issues
A. THE EXIT: What does it mean to cash-out of an impact deal?   Investors expect to make a financial return, and entrepreneurs seek to create the most impact possible, presumably over the long term.  How do we provide both outcomes, and leave all parties satisfied?  What does this mean for structuring the investments from the beginning?
o   Greg Berry, Managing Director, Impact Hub Boulder (Moderator)
o   Rich Hoops, Board Member, Impact Hub Boulder, SVP Boulder County, Center for Education in Social Responsibility, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado
o   Zenia Tata, Owner, Zenia Tata, Inc.
o   Lopa Brunjes, Managing Director, The Biochar Company
o   Jochem Tans, Partner, Campbell & Associates, LLP

B. THE LONG RUN: What does it take to last in the impact field? Where are the jobs?  What values make people successful? Why have some people stood the test of time, while others have washed out?
o   Steve Schueth, President, First Affirmative Network (Moderator)
o   Kathy Leonard, Vice President, Investments, UBS
o   Al Doerksen, CEO, iDE
o   Kim Bixel, CFO, Pangea Organics

12:30 – 2:00 pm – LUNCH & NETWORKING
Lunch is at Shine Restaurant.  Topics to include:
o   Impact Investing In The Public Markets
o   Philanthropy In Impact Investing: Monitor Institute Paper: “From Blueprint to Scale”
o   Foundations & Investing: PRI & MRI
o   Update from Investor’s Circle
o   HUB Ventures — Program Overview
o   Impact Investing on The Front Range
& many more 

2:00 – 3:30 pm – CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS – Practical Balance of Impact and Return
A. DUE DILIGENCE Workshop  (accredited investors only)
Over the past year, the Toniic investor network has gathered, cataloged, and synthesized best practices in due diligence in impact investing from their members, who include some of the most sophisticated impact investors in the world.  George will present some of the findings in that process, and will lead an interactive discussion to help improve the quality of due diligence in our community.
o   George Deriso, Director, Toniic Network (Moderator)
o   Robert Fenwick-Smith, Managing Director, Aravaipa
o   Aubrey Hornsby, Managing Director, Localizations Partners

We will conduct a review of multiple pitches which have each been used successfully in raising money in the past year.  The session will include a round of critical feedback from people who have seen hundreds of pitches, and an open round of questions from the:
o   Ian Fisk, Executive Director, William James Foundation (Moderator)
o   Gregg Bagni, Managing Director, White Road Investments (Panelist)
o   Evan Steiner, Director, HUB Ventures (Panelist)
o   Zubaida Bai, CEO, Ayzh (Presenter)
o   Ali Cherry, CEO, Snack Packers (Presenter)
  Alejandro Valez, Back to the Roots (Presenter)
o   Nikhil Arora, Back to the Roots (Presenter)

3:30 — 4:15 pm – CLOSING CIRCLE: Building An Impact EcoSystem
Attendees shares the one action they are going to take forward to help build the impact entrepreneurship economy in their home – whether it’s Boulder, Denver, Tokyo or Des Moines.

Get people connecting with new contacts, and create opportunities for prospective deals to break out and have private discussions.

Your ticket to the collaboratory also includes:

5:30 — 7:00 pm – LOHAS RECEPTION, Boulderado
Maybe the best night of networking in Boulder all year.  400 company CEOs, 50 thought leaders, beautiful people, kindred spirits.

The Redeming Power of Capitalism

In an age of increasing cynicism, more people are recognizing that we can’t change outcomes unless we change the rules of the game.  How do consumers, investors, and workers find companies they want to support? Learn how a growing community of leading LOHAS businesses and investors is passing legislation across the country to create a new kind of corporation that meets the needs of the LOHAS community. We welcome you to share your own thoughts and experiences during this interactive audience roundtable.
Jay Coen-Gilbert – Co Founder, B Lab
Bryan Welch – Publisher, Ogden Publications
Kim Coupanas – CEO, GoLite
Blake Jones – President, Namaste Solar

9:00 pm – LOHAS AFTER HOURS – Spotlight on Boulder

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