As we shared a few weeks ago, we’re excited that Mischa Delaney has moved into a new role with the B Lab team here in Colorado.  It’s been great to see her at the Hub every day in her new role.

Additionally, there are other staff changes we want to tell you about.

Hannah Davis is moving into a new role at Impact Hub in which she will be steering more of our programming and events business. She continues to be of service to the community, and in the spirit of the notion that we’re all Hosts, she will putting a lot of emphasis how to support members’ valuable impact work through our programming and events.

Peter Begley is moving to a full-time job as the Director of Operations and Finance at the Mountain Shadows Montessori School, where he’s able to directly support his children’s education.  It’s a unique opportunity he couldn’t pass up, and he remains committed to supporting Impact Hub as we grow and evolve.  Peter made a unique impression on our community, and served two amazing years with the organization. He will graciously serve as our part-time CFO through the summer, to help our team evolve effectively.

In the category of new team members, please welcome our two excellent Hosts, Lindsey Brown and Tim Smisek.

Lindsey comes to us from CU, where she worked at the Environmental Center and nLab, after graduating with an Environmental Studies degree.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her knowledge of sustainable business and entrepreneurship is already adding value to the community.  Please learn more on her Linkedin profile here.

Tim joins us after a stint as a professional musician in Paris, having booked over 100 gigs across Europe for the band he started, Glass Petals, as well as some work at Sales Process Solutions, a local outsourced sales agency.  His solutions-oriented character and tech savvy will ensure ongoing contribution to the community.  Please learn more on his Linkedin Profile here.

Both Tim and Lindsey are getting what are certain to be incredible careers started with us here at Impact Hub Boulder.  Please take some time to get to know them, help them learn more about our community, and find out how they can help you make your business more successful.

We anticipate making one more hire this summer, and are putting together a job description for a new leadership role; a job that will encompass some of what Peter used to do, some of what Hannah has been doing, and some of what Greg’s still responsible for.  We can’t commit to a hire date just yet, so stay tuned for more information on this, mostly likely in the month of May.

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