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Humans of Impact- Larry Dressler

Larry Dressler, founder of Blue Wing Consulting, tells us about his passion for changing the culture of conversation in the business world.

Larry Dressler is the founder of Blue Wing Consulting.  The company’s work is grounded in the idea, “Change the Conversation. Change the future.”  Blue Wing’s clients include charitable foundations, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies like Solar World and Facebook.  But he loves working with Colorado clients like Avid4Adventure, FirstBank, and The Denver Foundation. These clients hire Larry to facilitate high-stakes conversations for their teams and boards to ensure people do their best thinking together.  Blue Wing Consulting received the Facilitation Impact Award from the IAF, International Association of Facilitators.  

Larry is originally from Southern California.  He moved to Boulder from Olympia, Washington with his wife Linda fifteen years ago in search of better weather and more sun.  His interest in conflict resolution dates as far back as the 5th grade when he got shoved up against a bus for “intruding on other kids’ turf”.  A young Larry recommended talking it out with the bullies which he describes as his first “facilitative intervention.”  Even at a young age, Larry understood how to negotiate by understanding power and how to build unlikely alliances.  After studying Sociology and Business at UCLA, Larry decided to make a living doing what he does best, helping people discover common ground. 

Often in the world of business, people will sit across a table trying to figure out how to influence one another.  People become so attached to their own ideas and opinions that they don’t give others’ ideas fair consideration.  Whether facilitating a team retreat or a board meeting, Larry’s job is to facilitate conversations that lead to decisions everyone can embrace.  He works with groups ranging in size from 5 to 500 members.

Blue Wing has been at the Impact Hub Boulder since the day their doors opened.  When asked why he decided to locate Blue Wing at the Impact Hub, Larry responded, “because my work is fundamentally about disrupting obsolete ways of thinking, strengthening social fabric, and inspiring innovation for a better world. I love the people I meet here, the idealism, the energy, and of course, the free coffee.”

Larry explains that the intolerance for differences and the rush to judgment in today’s political discourse is contagious and makes its way into the workplace. His work often involves helping teams create a culture in which they can have fiercely honest conversations in the most respectable ways possible. Larry states, “everyone wants to win the argument.  Everyone wants to be the smartest person in the room. They lose sight of the real goal – to pool everyone’s wisdom in service of the best possible solution.”  Larry helps Blue Wing’s clients create smarter strategy, build stronger teams, and cultivate skillful leaders.

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