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Humans of Impact Hub: Lara Pearson

“When I read Yvon Chouinard’s book [Let my People Go Surfing] in ’05, I sort of had this epiphany, like the planet is not going to wait for my law firm to be profitable.  And if what he says is true, then I should just do it, and the profitability will follow.  And I remember my accountant at the time was like “What are you doing?! You can’t give away 1% of gross revenue!” So I joined and made that commitment, to give away 1% to environmental groups.”


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        Trapped in a world of technical jargon and legal semantics, it’s often very hard to find a lawyer who truly steps outside of the box.  Lara Pearson is that person. Once representing firms such as Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Corporation and the Mustang Ranch Brothel, Lara brings a unique perspective to the world of social enterprise.  Her company, BrandGeek, is focused on crafting creative brand protection strategies for social entrepreneurs, and having some fun along the way.  If you’re looking to learn more about giving back, doing things differently with your brand, or just looking to come away inspired, you should really talk to Lara.


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        Join Lara for the Impact Hub Mentor Lunch Series on Monday, May 16th for a crash course on trademark law entitled “What’s in a Name?”  Reserve a spot here. For a more detailed bio or to check out more of her incredible work, head over to You can reach Lara directly at


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