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Humans of Impact Hub: Charlie Kuhn

By Kimberly Preston

Charlie describes himself as curious, enthusiastic, and thoughtful. In his free time, he enjoys sharing smiles, scaring himself (he refuses to use the term adrenaline junkie), and finding nuance in the world.

He currently works at Cultures of Dignity, which works with educators, parents, and students around the country to teach about social injustice and how to build communities centered on treating each other with dignity.

“We believe that if social skills can be improved, then social skills improvement will be tied to academic improvement – We’re trying to build a movement around how people interact with each other, and that way being with dignity.”

His passion for working with young people has also led him to serve on the Board of Directors and Program Committee of Attention Homes, which is a nonprofit organization that provides services and housing for Boulder County’s homeless youth.

What’s his favorite part about working at Impact Hub Boulder? He met is girlfriend here.

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