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Humans of Impact: Andy Brown

By Kimberly Preston | Photo by Winston Heuga

Andy Brown, founder of Curiosity Labs, moved from the UK to San Francisco after spending a year traveling throughout Asia. In San Francisco, he began working with tech companies to innovate and develop products to meet the needs of the people they serve. Now he helps mission driven companies and entrepreneurs create ideas and products that will have a positive impact on the world. He says this passion for mission driven business comes from his parents, who were both activists, and he’s focused on “how business can change in a way that carries a better benefit to society, particularly the environment.”

Through consulting, training and coaching, Andy helps companies deeply understand consumer needs and values, focus their ideas and goals, prototype products, and strategically develop and test ideas. His goal is to grow Curiosity Labs into a think tank and prototyping lab that can help companies create products that will solve major problems. He wants Curiosity Labs to become “a hub of ideas of how we can change the way that we’re working, and using rapid prototyping as a really fast and energetic technique to test out some of the solutions.”

In addition to long-term consulting and development, he offers shorter focused training sessions on specific topics like empathizing with customers, rapid prototyping and testing, and also workshop events in San Francisco and Boulder.

Andy is still pretty new to Boulder, and says he’s enjoyed meeting all the cool people at Impact Hub since he moved. If you see him around, be sure to ask him about his time in Borneo, his bike adventure from China to Cambodia, and everything there is to know about tea.

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