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Humans of Impact- Yusuf Capar

Humans of Impact- Yusuf Capar

Yusuf Capar is the founder of Swiftcurrent Trading LLC, an investment management company that focuses on applying artificial intelligence to investment management.  Yusuf’s professional goal is to provide intellect and data analysis to companies that do not currently have that access, in order to invest more powerfully and in turn, compete with larger firms. 

Yusuf is originally from Turkey, until he moved to the states for college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He then continued to Harvard for an MBA and has been working in finance now for 17 years.  He has always viewed his work in finance as a fun and somewhat easy job.  He states, “it enables me to keep focus, high levels of energy and enthusiasm in my work. I like keeping things simple.”  To Yusuf, investing is fairly simple: the end goal is always stated, short and easy to remember.

Yusuf has always been passionate about problem solving, dating all the way back to elementary school.  He enjoys the puzzles within finance: observing markets, understanding the prices and instruments of price change, and further asking questions to piece together the puzzle.  He feels that discussing issues with others even furthers this process, helping him question his own assumptions and create new ones.  His creativity is sparked by conversations with people who are looking at the same questions, but from different viewpoints.  He follows the professional mantra, “why not? “especially when he hears an idea that he does not initially favor.

Yusuf was inspired to create Swiftcurrent Trading LLC from a very successful businessman, politician, philanthropist, and most importantly, trader named Blair Hull.  He states, “he thought a lot about the scientific research process and how to make better decisions,” a method Yusuf continues to use today.  He believes the most valuable attribute in business is good people.  He believes that no matter how removed a business may seem, every business depends on people and what they want to achieve, in any stakeholder group.  Living in Colorado, Yusuf enjoys backpacking around the Rockies and Utah’s canyons.  He spends much of his free time reading, as Ernest Hemingway and Jack London are a few of his personal favorites.  

Yusuf enjoys working at the Impact Hub because he can learn and observe other businesses and what they’re working on.  He states that when he first joined Impact Hub, he anticipated a group of fairly similar people with similar opinions, but now recognizes there is much more diversity.  He recalls, “just the other day I was discussing new federal administration’s energy policy with a member.  After new opinions, I have changed my positions in the markets and avoided certain losses.”  Yusuf finds that the greatest value Impact Hub provides is the vast and diverse collection of opinions and approaches the community shares.

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