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Humans of Impact: Katie Davidson

Humans of Impact: Katie Davidson

By Kimberly Preston | Photo by Winston Heuga

Katie, Founder of Vireo Media, decided to begin a career in web design and social media marketing during her time living in Japan. She lived there for a year teaching English, and her first project was creating a website for a small Ramen shop.

She realized her potential to help small businesses, and after working at an agency, she decided to start her own company so she’d have the freedom to work to her full potential. In addition to website design, she now coaches businesses on how to use social media and run their own in-house marketing.

One of her favorite experiences thus far has been working on a campaign for Dwarfism Awareness Month. She loves that she’s been able to use her work to connect people in need with doctors and medical information.

What’s her favorite part about Impact Hub?

“Every once in a while, in I think every field, there’s just some gap in your knowledge. And you can search and search, but if you don’t know how to search for it can be really difficult. So there’s always someone here who can point me in the right direction. – I’ve enjoyed that a lot.”

Katie has also started a Small Business Social Media Marketing group on Facebook, where she hopes to answer people’s questions and help business owners expand their knowledge.

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