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Humans of Impact Hub: Emma Ruffin

        In three words, Emma describes herself as a Joyful Eco Warrior.  From her time studying Tropical Biology in Costa Rica, to organizing a grassroots protest against the Keystone XL pipeline, Emma has a passion for all things environmental.  She is currently working with C3 (Climate Culture Collaborative) Boulder, a backbone organization fostering collaboration between different climate actors within the Boulder community.

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       “I still dream in spanish sometimes, and it’s been years.  My favorite spanish phrase, that we used in Costa Rica all the time, is ‘a cachete’.  ‘Cachete’ means cheek, and so the idea is that you’re smiling so big that your cheeks hurt.  Someone will ask you how you are doing, and you’ll say ‘A cachete!’ ‘I’m so good!’ It’s pure joy.  Speaking spanish, or speaking any foreign language, is like trying to speak in poetry, because if you don’t know a word, you need to go about it in a roundabout way…  I feel like that is so much of life, just constantly exploring, and making it up as we go along.”


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       Want to share your joyful eco passion with Emma and C3?  Join them April 18th to 24th for #BoulderEarthWeek, an event packed week of celebration, vision, and collaboration for a better Boulder and better world.  Check out or for more information.  You can reach Emma personally at

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