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Humans of Impact: Elizabeth Treister
Elizabeth Treister Photo

Humans of Impact: Elizabeth Treister

Elizabeth is passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential so they can improve their lives. She enjoys offering advice, ideas, connections, and resources to business people, family, friends and colleagues and also has a passion for volunteering with underserved populations. She loves spending time with family and dear friends, especially taking her grandkids to wonderful concerts and dance performances. Her other passions include hiking, yoga, meditation, swimming, gardening, healthy cooking, and being outdoors.

One of Elizabeth’s favorite parts about being involved at Impact Hub has been facilitating the Coffee Collider, a monthly networking group that takes place the second Thursday of every month. She stresses the importance of relationship building, collaboration and welcoming newcomers, which is what the Hub is all about. When facilitating the event, she focuses on how she can help people build connections. She values the wonderful, creative entrepreneurs she has met throughout her time at the Hub.

Going outside her comfort zone, trying new things and meeting new people help spark Elizabeth’s creativity. She believes these things have the ability to open up a whole new world of friendships, collaboration and ideas. Volunteering for the Conference on World Affairs at CU has lead her to meet brilliant, fascinating panelists from all over the world.

In business she values honesty and good customer service. Some of her strengths include compassion, connectivity, volunteerism and loyalty. Elizabeth deems it essential to have empathy and treat people the way you want to be treated. She is always open to new ideas, meeting new people and finds it important to try everything, at least once!

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