Curious about what Moscow is like in the summertime? Do you have success in the IT sphere that you’d like to share on an international level? HUB Moscow has a fantastic opportunity for HUB members around the globe to attend part of a summer camp for young marketers/it-crowd/project managers around innovations in IT.

In partnership with Yandex (, a leading Russian Internet company, HUB Moscow is looking for Hubbers with successful projects related to IT and social innovations to enrich their event. The event will introduce the topic of social innovations/social enterprises in tech or “tech for good.” Participants will learn from international experience and may come up with some cool ideas to make positive impact on Russia! If you’re interested in the opportunity to attend, speak with a Impact Hub Boulder team member. To learn more about HUB Moscow, visit their Facebook Page.

p.s. Summer in Russia is sunny and warm! Perfect for a work-vacation! 

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