Hello Hubbers!

Though I’ve been able to meet many of you, I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself to the Impact Hub Boulder Community!

My name is Cecilia Coetsee and I have been interning at Impact Hub Boulder for about a year now. I am working on a Masters in Organizational Communication at CU Boulder and will be graduating this spring!

I am writing to you all now to let you know of the research I will be conducting at Impact Hub Boulder this spring. For my Masters thesis, I am investigating the ‘imbrication of social and material agencies in collaboration’ at Impact Hub Boulder. In other words, I am seeking to study how collaborative spatial design is taken up in or influential on collaborative practices at Impact Hub Boulder. As such, I will be researching in the space during March and April of 2015.

For the most part, my research will simply consist of passively observing how Hub members use and interact in the space. Field notes taken from my observation will not include any personally identifying information about members or their ventures, and confidentially will be maintained throughout the study. Please contact me at cecilia.coetsee@colorado.edu if you have any concerns about my observations.

I will also be conducting personal interviews with willing members. Several of you were kind enough to participate in interviews during a preliminary study I conducted last spring and I am truly grateful for the time and consideration you took in sitting down with me. Please know that your choice to participate in interviews is a huge help to graduate student researchers, as it helps us get a realistic picture of organization members’ experiences. If you are willing to participate in a 20 – 30 minute interview with me for this present, or have any questions or concerns about the interview process, please email me directly at cecilia.coetsee@colorado.edu.

I was originally drawn to the Hub by the passion and collaborative values of its community and have been so blessed to become part of that community over the past year. With your help, I hope to contribute to the collaborative potential and social impact that is championed and fostered at Impact Hub Boulder.

Thank you in advance for your support and, more importantly, thank you so much for your dedication to making the world a better place.

Cecilia Coetsee
Cecilia Coetsee earned a B.A. in Business Economics from UCLA, where she served as Board President for the University Cooperative Housing Association (UCHA). During her time at the UCHA, Cecilia developed a passion for fostering community and cooperation living. She is now working on a M.A. in Organization Communication at CU Boulder, with a focus on collaboration. Outside of work, Cecilia enjoys playing and watching sports, as well as fawning over every single pup she bumps into. Though a California native, Cecilia is enjoying the beauty of Boulder and is grateful to be part of the Impact community.

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