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“How to Generate a Renewable Energy Revolution” with S. David Freeman

If you’ve been to a climate talk in the past 10 years, you probably know the routine: Charts and graphs on CO2 levels, pictures to show the human side of climate change, and ending with an action step and inspirational message. “How to Generate a Renewable Energy Revolution” was not one of those talks. S. David Freeman has been working with public utilities for most of his life. He approaches the issue with a crassness and sense of humor that is truly refreshing.

The format was very intimate, and those who attended both had their voice heard, and their questions answered. Throughout the night, we covered a wide range of topics, from Economic incentives, to natural gas, and the current political landscape. On the question of whether or not natural gas is a viable alternative to coal fueled power plants, David answered that natural gas is “like switching from Marlboro to Camels” and ““What we really need is birth control for new fossil fuel plants. It should be a crime to build any power plant in this country that is not run on renewable energy. “

He also believes that in order to make headway in the current political landscape, we need to create a more robust and unapologetic Green Party that he calls the “Green Tea Party,” who would “speak in plain English, ” and address issues in a simple way that appeals to people’s common sense. He believes that environmental proponents are ”mumbling,” and that the message we need to get across is clear: “If we don’t get off fossil fuels the cost of energy will rise and our businesses will get out-competed in the global economy.”

Whether or not you agreed with all of his viewpoints, everyone left the conversation with a clear inspirational message; speak your mind, don’t apologize for your opinions, and most of all when you can take action, do.

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