Hello beautiful Impact Hub community members!

It’s been about five months since I stepped into my role as Managing Director at Impact Hub Boulder, and I really love it. As spring turns to summer with everything in full bloom, I am excited for this fresh start and the sense of limitless possibility that comes with the season.

Part of my personal labyrinth that led me to Impact Hub was my first job that I had after graduating from university. As a new college graduate, I was eager to start my tech industry career in the financial district of San Francisco. Coming from Tulsa, Oklahoma this work felt like the jackpot to me. I remember feeling like Mary Tyler Moore in the beginning of the show when she throws her hat in the air: hopeful, energetic and determined to affect change.

Everything in downtown San Francisco was sexy-shiny-hi-rise-exciting, and I remember consistently having vertigo from working in such a tall building. But I soon started to realize with disappointment, that all the sexy-shiny stuff was a bit of a façade. The company didn’t have any soul, and the culture was denigrating. My office was full of people that lacked integrity, cared only about profit, and was completely misogynistic.

Fast forward a few years to where I landed at OIA, the trade association for the outdoor industry. There I gained exposure to companies with ethics I admired like Patagonia, and climbing industry businesses who had women CEOs that inspired and mentored me. I eventually grew to manage their membership department. It thrilled me to find colleagues in alignment with my own personal values of doing good in the world, family as priority, and life/work balance.

It’s been 16+ years since I moved to Boulder and started working in the outdoor industry. Since then, I owned my own metalsmithing and jewelry business for 10+ years, Hot Mama Designs & Swoon Jewelry Studios, which is still thriving in Louisville, Colorado. I have also loved my experiences as a consultant with many art-focused companies locally and nationally, and I continue to be passionate about arts advocacy. I’m so happy to still be in Boulder, and feel grateful to have found a new home at Impact Hub Boulder. I’m experiencing similar feelings now just as I did when I first moved here from San Francisco. I’ve found another new community that feels like a vein of gold.

The Impact Hub Boulder membership is made up of business people who are innovative, inspiring and unconventional. Daily, our co-working space is brimming with film and video experts, leaders in tech, students, bright new faces creating their first start-ups, and so much more. I love watching peers, partners and supporters exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. I am in awe of the vibrancy of our community.

I look forward to serving all you by creating more member resources, engagement, and events programming where our members voices are heard, and cultivating an overall culture that feels connected. Once we get to know each other you’ll find my management style is very collaborative, open door, and creative. Please approach me with any new initiatives or areas for improvement that I need to address. I want to hear all your ideas.

Impact Hub Boulder feels a bit like a rocket ship to me so far. I have a lot to learn, but I can tell that my experience as Managing Director is going to be mind blowing. Summer is knocking on the door and I’m ready for the sunny days ahead. Let’s go!

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