Join us for an important conversation on September 22nd at the Impact Hub Boulder with Ross Baird, founder of Village Capital, who’s coming out with a new book: The Innovation Blind Spot: Why We Back the Wrong Ideas–and What to Do About It. 

We’re using Ross’ book to frame an important discussion about the future of Colorado’s economy. Over the past 20 years, Colorado has been the leader in innovation for the country–no state has seen more entrepreneurial growth.

Yet if you look at the headlines of the newspaper, we have massive problems. Colorado and the country struggle with diversity and inclusion, and despite the boom in tech successes, we’ve seen a struggle for our economic growth sometimes to create good middle-class jobs. To fix this, we can’t just use existing investment structures and business models and hope we can do better.

In Colorado, though, we have the chance to create a different, and better vision of an inclusive economy, and we want to gather investors for a conversation to talk about how Colorado can lead the way in the next phase of the economy, including: 

  • How to source and invest in entrepreneurs in a more inclusive way.
  • How to structure and deploy capital through workforce structures like ESOPs or capital structures like revenue-share that can create more quality companies.
  • What’s working in impact investment–and what’s not.

We hope you can join other leaders from the Colorado investment community including investors, founders, intermediaries for food, drinks, and conversation.  

We also encourage you to share this invitation with others who you feel should be in the conversation!