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Boulder Startup Week – Shift The Game: How Bringing Consciousness to Technology and Business will Power the Revolution

May 19, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 11:15 am

Every fear, trigger and limiting belief comes up when you’re an entrepreneur. The companies that win know that mindset is represented in every business decision they make. What we offer, how we monetize, who we hire, the clients and partners we serve and most importantly, our bottom line are all direct reflections of our beliefs.

So, how many of us actually know what’s driving us? And, how many of us are deliberately creating what we want to experience?

You are the entrepreneurs that are imagining our tomorrows and your technologies will provide the most speed, scale and wealth creation. Your self knowledge and mastery of mindset is critical because those that leverage the power of tech and money while leading from love will change the world.

When we put the resources in the hands of the people who will consciously lead, that’s when we will change the way business works – from the inside.

This interactive workshop will make you a player that’s Shifting The Game.

You will:
See why you do what you do
Identify and drop your defenses
Re-pattern your limiting beliefs
Learn how to lead a revolution and win


avatar for Nicole Casanova

Nicole Casanova 

Casanova Ventures

Nicole’s Bio: Nicole Casanova is an internet veteran who did her master’s thesis on Targeted Marketing on the Web in 1995. As an early founder in three San Francisco companies that went public, a sales star that oversold her quotas by millions and a witness to hundreds of companies in high growth mode, she’s seen what has and hasn’t worked when it comes to scaling startups.  

Intrigued with behavior change, Nicole created Shift, a game that shows people why they do what they do. After working with clients from HP and Coca-Cola to Stephen Covey, she knows the best ways to change behaviors and make them stick – critical for developing the rock star entrepreneurial mindset. As the founding partner of The Vinetta Project, she fueled the rise of tech’s top female founders and helped them raise over $50M.

Her company, Casanova Ventures developed The Art of Leverage so that founders thrive, not just survive. And as Connection Catalysts, they use the wealth of their network to provide unprecedented access to catapult the next emerging technologies.

An all out advocate for serving rather than selling, Nicole believes that when we cultivate great relationships we develop the best businesses.

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