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Boulder Start Up Week – Sound Mind + Balanced Body = Successful Community

May 15, 2017 @ 10:30 am - 11:45 am

What are you doing to better your chances at creating a balanced life and business?

How does being in an optimum state of health generate new wealth for not only your business, but your community as a whole?

How do you serve your community by way of healthy practises?
What are the easiest way to get healthy and stay healthy? tools/tips/tricks
How does prioritizing your health make you more productive?
How can Healthy and Balanced Entrepreneurship become the wave of the future?
What do you do to encourage next levels of health in society as a whole?
Health products
Physical & Mental Well being
Balanced Lifestyle
Workaholic and impact on health
Diet’s impact

avatar for Gareth Hermann


North Star Consulting


I have since traded in the the hammer, but work and building things have been central to my life ever since. I started my first company when I was 18, even though I went to college to study current real world issues and how to use systems thinking to solve them, I have returned to my entrepreneurial roots and have been consulting and coaching impact driven businesses ever since.


Shari Leidich 

Twelve years ago, I founded Two Moms in the Raw after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I relied on food to heal. As I learned about nutrition, I realized how desperately the body wants balance and wellbeing. During the past few years, I learned that I, as well as most other Americans, never received the fats their bodies require for healthy growth, energy, hormone balance, nerve and organ protection, brain and metabolic health. When my body burns fat rather than carbohydrates, also known as ketosis, balanced is restored.
And why didn’t we get the right fats? Fat has been vilified. We were told that saturated fats caused high cholesterol and disease, and to avoid it at all costs. This is certainly the case with saturated fats created from animals that eat grains (not from animals eating as nature intended). Animals raised humanely and healthily, who eat grass, in turn produce healthy saturated fats. These fats and the fats found in coconut oil are essential to our bodies, hearts, and minds.
After years of learning, gathering information, and using nutrition to heal, I have more energy than ever before and brain fog is a thing of the past. I’m now more than ready to bring another great, life changing ketogenic product to market. I am so excited to introduce Know Brainer, the thinker’s creamer, to the world.

Jo Schaalman


avatar for Jo Schaalman

Ever feel like you’ve been hit by a truck? Well, Jo Schaalman has and she is an expert in recovery.

Jo was a state champion gymnast, a nationally ranked diver and a diving coach. While prepping for medical school she was t-boned by a semi-truck during a cross-country bike tour. The physical and emotionally grueling recovery process ultimately led her to the wondrous healing benefits of clean eating that are at the foundation of the Conscious Cleanse.

Jo graduated with honors from Grinnell College. Her yoga mentors are Ana Forrest an

d Dr. Theron Randolph, and she studied at a Master’s level at the Nutrition Therapy Institute. Jo is driven to help people who think healing is out of their reach. Through nutrition and yoga coaching, Jo helps others reach the optimal health she is so thankful for.

She lives in Boulder, CO where she still teaches yoga while running The Conscious Co. A mother to wonder baby Ilse and wife to Mr. Teacher, Jo is sure to drink a green smoothie every morning.

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Founder / CEO

Dr. Tusek is a board-certified family physician who also has experience as an emergency physician. He is a member of the Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the Institute of Functional Medicine.

He relishes the close connectivity with his Cloud Medical patients whether they are training for the Olympics or simply trying to lose a few pounds. He believes that enhancing our quality of life is just as important as extending the quantity of our years.


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