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Coworking: A Promise for Productivity

Coworking: A Promise for Productivity

Four cups of coffee, monotonous hours of web surfing, and hours of people watching later—you have yet to make a dent in your workload. Ever wonder why? Maybe it’s personal. Maybe you’re just not all that interested in your work at the moment. Or maybe it has to do with where you’re working.

While coffee is undoubtedly the fuel of productivity, the effectiveness of its consumption can also be quite dependent on where it is consumed. In theory, we all love the idea of doing work at our neighborhood coffee shop. It just has a nice feel to it. Picture yourself settling in with some headphones and a fresh cup of coffee—we are ready to take on the impossible, right? In reality, getting work done at a coffee shop or even at home can prove to be very challenging. The loud grinding of coffee beans and meaningless chatter render your headphones useless. Your living room television gazes at you longingly, begging to be watched, if only for just a moment. Left in a state of utter frustration, how can one be productive in a room surging with distraction?

While it can be convenient to do work from the comfort of your own home or a coffee shop just down the road, does that convenience still matter when there is little or no work to show for it? Studies show that 68% of individuals were able to focus better in a coworking space and 64% of coworkers were better able to complete tasks on time. Interestingly, 60% of those who work in a coworking environment were actually more relaxed at home. Perhaps, this is attributable to the well-established value of a separation between work and home life.

The coworking environment not only enhances efficiency and effectiveness but also offers a sense of community. This is an atmosphere sustained by shared creative thought, hard work, and collective ideation. Coworking spaces are a place for growth, both personally and professionally. Working in these shared spaces allows one to rise to the demands of amazing tasks, bounce ideas off of other intellectuals, and sustain a sense of constant motivation as everyone collectively works towards their respective goals.

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