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Humans of Impact- Larry Dressler

Larry Dressler, founder of Blue Wing Consulting, tells us about his passion for changing the culture of conversation in the business world.

Humans of Impact: Ellie Graeden

Ellie’s creativity is sparked by an interesting problem to be solved.  She possesses the unique ability to see the big picture at a systems level, understanding what her user needs and being able to bring this data to life for them.

Humans of Impact: Elizabeth Treister

Going outside her comfort zone, trying new things and meeting new people help spark Elizabeth’s creativity. She believes these things have the ability to open up a whole new world of friendships, collaboration and ideas.

Humans of Impact: Sharla Macy

Sharla Macy believes in the importance of letting some things go in order to focus on things that will contribute to our greater sense of wholeness, positivity and joy.

Humans of Impact: Megan Christensen

Megan is the VP of Search at Watson University, an incubator and school for student social entrepreneurs. Watson University offers a semester program along with a full degree track that allows students to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Entrepreneurship in addition to...

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