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Maiyu has 15 years of experience in project and events management, systems design, and international relations. In 2009, Maiyu received her B.A. in International Development with a focus on Cross-Cultural Communication and Business from the University of Oregon. She graduated as one of the top in her class after an extended stay as a Gilman Scholar working with a Fair Trade chocolate organization, Kallari, in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest to be followed by extended work stays around the globe.
Maiyu relocated to her home state of Colorado to be part of the executive team at Impact Hub Boulder and manage the new 501c3 nonprofit Impact Hub Academy: an innovative new hybrid programming organization that is run in conjunction with Impact Hub Boulder, revolutionizing collaboration and innovation within the Boulder ecosystem. Maiyu is the lead program architect for the new Communities for Change program, managing multiple startup teams to assist in launching the program in Boulder in sync with six other Impact Hubs around the world.

Savannah member of Communities for Change TeamSavannah joined the Impact Hub Boulder team in 2016 and works to promote positive community and business growth in the Boulder Community. She’s committed to co-creating programs, events, and workshops that are deeply enriching and valuable to the Boulder Community and beyond. From meeting new changemakers at networking events to stepping into new paradigms at the Communities for Change program, Savannah is working on your behalf to give you the tools, connections, and experiences that activate your impact. Since moving to Boulder in 2011, she has ran hundreds of community events, co-created 2 intentional co-housing communities, led leadership and meditation workshops at CU Boulder, and helped build an alternative school in Boulder called the Boulder Sudbury School. In her past work, Savannah has empowered hundreds of women to start businesses through her work at Pangea Organics, organized various compassionate, nonviolent social justice initiatives, and helped local businesses thrive while managing the Boulder Farmers’ Market. She is deeply invested in Boulder’s future and has committed herself to serving and loving the people of her home. She is constantly following her curiosity to learn new things and shift culture. Savannah wants to create a world of less separation where people step into the depth of who they are to heal our world. She can’t wait to meet you at the Hub!

Barbara Edwards is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator who has taught leadership, innovation and conflict resolution to thousands of people from around the world. In addition, she has designed and facilitated a large group dialogue process that has been used in numerous conflict settings to explore diverse perspectives and reach unique and collaborative solutions. Her life work over the past quarter century has been helping individuals and groups navigate challenging landscapes and enabling them to reach their highest visions. Throughout her career, Barbara has had the opportunity to partner with many world-class organizations to provide consulting such as Franklin Covey, Charter Oak Consulting and The Highlands Group. A sampling of her client list includes McKinsey & Co., Accenture, Avaya, Young Presidents’ Association, The University of Colorado, The State of Colorado, and The Healthy Building Network.  She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, spiritual groups, schools, and universities. 

Ron KertznerRon Kertzner is a facilitator, executive coach and leadership development teacher. As co-founder of ChoicePoint Consulting, Ron has worked with for-profit, non-profit and governmental organizations for close to 30 years. His passion is helping people make conscious choices to produce meaningful results. Choice choice implies enhanced self awareness, awareness of self in relations to others, awareness of the impact of one’s actions on one’s team, organization, and community. Ron has served on facilitation teams for numerous national and international conferences including the Bipartisan Retreat of the United States Congress, the United Nations Democratic Dialogue Project and the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Closer to home, he’s worked with the City of Boulder at their Neighborhood Leadership Summit as well as with the Division of Housing. He worked closely with the MIT Dialogue Project, facilitating numerous dialogues within companies undergoing large scale change and with local communities seeking to bridge political differences. The Dialogue Project was a forerunner to Theory U, a process Ron has integrated into much of his work.

James Mercé EdwardsJames M. Edwards is a holistic educator, trainer, and regenerative systems designer for Life, Business, & Planet. He works helping individuals and organizations align values and action in the belief that humanity can live in harmony with nature and each other.

James comes to systems design as a veteran media producer, director, and writer and as an educator with over 25 years of designing and teaching curricula. His work in both those fields spans a range of subjects and is joined in the common purpose of helping organizations craft and deliver messages that change attitudes and behaviors for the betterment of society. James has an entrepreneurial background and has launched and operated a number of businesses both for-profit and nonprofit, as well as working within existing enterprises at board, executive, and operational levels.

James has a B.A. in Diplomacy and History from Occidental College and is an M.Sc. candidate in Ecosocial Design at Gaia University. He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, two teenage sons, and a small menagerie of animals.

Emma RuffinEmma Ruffin is a wearer of many hats: as a graphic facilitator or “scribe” she practices deep listening, presence and co-creation—allowing the collective intelligence of groups to emerge—which she then captures in storyboard form, transforming meetings and conferences through her art. As a community organizer and Director of Boulder.Earth, a site that connects people and organizations for collective impact on climate action, she collaborates across sectors, leaning into the abundant wisdom of our community to help shift our climate crisis into opportunity. A lover of problem solving, Emma employs permaculture design principles (certified twice-over) and Theory U into her everyday work, art and play. In the past Emma served as a fellow with MIT’s Climate CoLab Program, and currently balances the rest of her time with large & small-scale art and graphic design, activism, gardening, snowboarding, yoga, laughing with friends and family, and volunteering with the Global Shapers Boulder Hub, an initiative out of the World Economic Forum driven by 20-somethings dedicated to creating positive change in their communities.

Andrew BrownAndrew Brown, founder of Curiosity Labs, moved from the UK to San Francisco after spending a year traveling throughout Asia. In San Francisco, he began working with tech companies to innovate and develop products to meet the needs of the people they serve. Now he helps mission driven companies and entrepreneurs create ideas and products that will have a positive impact on the world. He says this passion for mission driven business comes from his parents, who were both activists, and he’s focused on “how business can change in a way that carries a better benefit to society, particularly the environment.” Through consulting, training and coaching, Andrew helps companies deeply understand consumer needs and values, focus their ideas and goals, prototype products, and strategically develop and test ideas. His goal is to grow Curiosity Labs into a think tank and prototyping lab that can help companies create products that will solve major problems. He wants Curiosity Labs to become “a hub of ideas of how we can change the way that we’re working, and using rapid prototyping as a really fast and energetic technique to test out some of the solutions.” In addition to long-term consulting and development, he offers shorter focused training sessions on specific topics like empathizing with customers, rapid prototyping and testing, and also workshop events in San Francisco and Boulder.

Gareth HermannSince his humble beginnings growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Portugal, Gareth started his first business at age 18. In his 20’s started and run a handful of businesses, nonprofits, and government initiatives. He is committed to systems change and using business as a force for good. He is currently working on a startup, running a digital marketing agency, and consulting clients on the side. When he isn’t hustling, you can find him hiking in the mountains or scaring people with his high level of enthusiasm.

Impact Hub Boulder and Impact Hub Academy are both operating entities of the HubBoulder LLC. The Impact Hub is a co-working space dedicated to change makers and mission-driven organizations.  It is a member of the Global Hub Network.  The Impact Hub Academy 501 c3 is the non-profit program arm of Impact Hub Boulder that is dedicated to creating programming for community and corporate change.

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