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Impact Hub Boulder Launches Communities for Change Initiative and Brings Tools for Prototyping Solutions to Pressing Community Challenges

The Impact Hub Boulder is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative called Communities for Change (C4C) that is designed to build collaboration and process around creating solutions that address pressing community challenges.  In this initial effort, C4C’s theme will be to seek solutions that mitigate the impacts of a changing climate in our communities.  

IHB will rally its trained local facilitators, community mentors, and wealth of entrepreneurial experience to lead the community on a journey toward a shared vision that combats climate change, while building a resilient and equitable economy for the future.

With the expert guidance of MIT’s Presencing Institute, C4C’s team of facilitators and designers will guide a team of 25 diverse leaders from across Boulder County through proven community change program.  The three month program will drive systemic understanding of the problem and context in order to then move to unique systemic solution prototypes.  IHB is one of 10 Impact Hubs from around the world to work with the Presencing Institute in 2018.  The program runs in 10 cities, including Amsterdam, Baltimore, Boulder,Budapest, Harare, Zimbabwe, London, Ottawa, Sao Paulo, Seattle and Shanghai.  The program leverages the Theory U method for breakthrough thinking and collaboration, developed by Otto Scharmer at MIT’s Presencing Institute,it is now supported by tens of thousands of practitioners worldwide.  

Selected participants in the program will learn about themselves and connect more deeply with viewpoints of diverse stakeholders from across Boulder county.  They will do this learning in a safe and facilitated container supported by trained professionals using innovative methodologies that have been curated and tested over 20 years. The methods begin with deep listening, progressing out of the usual space of downloading and debate, and moving into  generative innovation and rapid prototyping. Using a fail fast approach, participants will identify tangible solutions that are technically, socially and environmentally responsible. The unique training is designed to be replicated within a participant’s affiliated entity. Additionally, past participants have remarked on substantive change in their personal life following this work.  

Call for Nominations Guidelines:

C4C has started a nomination process for those interested in participating in the program.  Nominated participants must be an existing or emerging leader in their field with the ability to represent a sector of the Boulder community.  

All ages are encouraged to apply!

Nominations close on December 20th at midnight.  

Impact Hub Boulder will hold two open house events on the evenings of December 6th and December 14th from 6:30pm-8:30pm to educate prospective attendees, stakeholders and donors.  Light refreshments will be provided.

Attendee selection will complete on January 2nd with participate notification by midnight that night.

Call for Nominations

Thank you for Nominating a leader or emerging leader in the Boulder community!

For more information, to submit a Nomination or provide a scholarship please contact:
Maiyu Ondaro, the Program Director 

Impact Hub Boulder and Impact Hub Academy are both operating entities of the HubBoulder LLC. The Impact Hub is a co-working space dedicated to changemakers.  It is a member of the International Hub Network.  The Impact Hub Academy is the non-profit program arm of HubBoulder that is dedicated to creating programming for community and corporate change.  The first program of IHA, is the Communities for Change program which was created by the Global Hub Network in concert with MIT’s Presencing Institute and a grant from BMW Foundation
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