Tuesday’s civic hacknight for Boulder was our largest yet!!  Attendees came from the Lafayette Tech MeetupHack4theArts Lafayette, Boulder Data Detectives, Galvanize Boulder’s G-School,Rally Software, SparkRelief, and Code for America!  We’ve got several projects in process and are super excited about where we’re headed and helping our community through tech for good.  Big thanks to the Impact Hub Boulder for the awesome workspace, and to Rally Software for their continuous, amazing support.

20141028_195856Drew Wilson and Becky Boone from Code for America’s Fellowship program gave us a recap on the projects they’ve worked on this year in Denver.  Lots of great info and stories about how they worked with city officials and residents (hint: offer free coffee and cookies!), the barriers they faced (data in PDFs!), and some amazing examples of their creativity and resiliency.  Projects included analyzing 311 calls, creating infographics for marijuana data, launching a Twitter feed for adoptable pets, redesigning street sweeping electronic alerts, and reimagining property tax forms. Download the slides here: denver-recap

Team members from Hack4theArts Lafayette shared their progress developing an app for residents and visitors to interact with Lafayette’s public art collection.  If you want to check out what they’re doing or join in, head over to Lafayette Tech Meetup for details.

We also discussed planning for CodeAcross, Code for America’s annual one-day civic engagement event for local brigades across the US and internationally.   CodeAcross is typically in February, and we’ve got some great ideas related to education and project idea generation with government and non-profits.

Come join us at our next hack night on Nov 11!

Written by Jennifer Zawacki and originally posted on the Code for Boulder blog.

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