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Humans of Impact: Christopher Senesi

Humans of Impact: Christopher Senesi


“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” –Harry Truman

Christopher Senesi uses this quote to remind himself to think of the bigger picture while remaining committed and dedicated to achieving his goals. Christopher is co-founder of FuzeAct and has been a loyal member of Impact Hub Boulder since 2013. He is a strategically driven individual who believes achieving dreams is a result of planning, visioning, and setting long term, big goals. The process of taking something abstract and making it concrete has motivated him throughout his professional endeavors.

In order to solve the world’s toughest challenges he believes it is imperative for people to connect through common goals. His passion for learning about others and observing what they do helps him to uncover what is missing and other obstacles that can inspire solutions. When asked who or what inspired him to start his business, he gives credit to the One Young World Summit, a conference that brings together young leaders from around the world to empower them to make lasting connections in order to create positive change.

One of his favorite parts about being a member of the Hub is seeing what other people are working on and meeting members in order to network and make business connections. Upon joining the Hub, Christopher was introduced to a member who has remained a close friend and business adviser for the past four years. When he is in the hub he feels a sense of community where everyone around him is gathered to work on creating a positive impact.

He appreciates making connections with new people and is always open to grabbing a coffee to talk about the dreams and goals of others.

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