Impact Hub Boulder

The Power of Collaboration, Community & Coworking

It is clear that our world is hungry for social responsibility and impact. There is a growing network within our community: groups who want to initiate some sort of positive change, but do not have the support, funding, or structure to do so. These networks simply need to find their roots to sustain a balance and be successful.

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Why Coworking Spaces Are Becoming a Solopreneur Haven

There seems to be a difficult transitional phase that every startup encounters as a company begins to grow out of its basement phase.  However, this need for a larger, more professional office space often cannot be met with appropriate funding.  For this reason, many up-and-coming entrepreneurs are moving toward collaborative coworking spaces.

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Coworking: A Promise for Productivity

Four cups of coffee, monotonous hours of web surfing, and hours of people watching later—you have yet to make a dent in your workload. Ever wonder why? Maybe it’s personal. Maybe you’re just not all that interested in your work at the moment. Or maybe it has to do with where you’re working.

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Boulder Earth Week

Impact Hub Boulder has always prioritized collective impact. What can we do in our Hub community and beyond to incite positive change? Given our access to such an amazing network of people, the possibilities are limitless.

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