A Closer Look at Boulder’s Bubble

          Boulder, Colorado has long been notorious for its quirkiness.  Often featured on lists like Most Active Cities, Best Places to Live or America’s Foodiest Towns, the city is home to a unique blend of rowdy students, yuppie entrepreneurs and nature lovers....
Humans of Impact Hub: Emma Ruffin

Humans of Impact Hub: Emma Ruffin

        In three words, Emma describes herself as a Joyful Eco Warrior.  From her time studying Tropical Biology in Costa Rica, to organizing a grassroots protest against the Keystone XL pipeline, Emma has a passion for all things environmental.  She is currently...

Looking Ahead to 2016 & Updates

As we head into the first full week of 2016, I want to take a moment to express some gratitude, relay a few upcoming improvements, and share a brief update. First, with deep respect, I am happy to extend gratitude to the members of the Impact Hub Boulder community on...

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