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Boulder Earth Week

Impact Hub Boulder has always prioritized collective impact. What can we do in our Hub community and beyond to incite positive change? Given our access to such an amazing network of people, the possibilities are limitless!

With the launch of Impact Hub Boulder’s tandem organization, Impact Hub Academy in 2017, an amazing partnership with C3 Boulder was born. C3 Boulder is a gathering of individuals and organizations dedicated to magnifying existing climate change efforts in our community. In their quest to establish and support socially responsible business and absolute transparency, C3 Boulder has worked to get climate activists together through Boulder Earth Week.

As explained by C3 Boulder team member, Emma Ruffin, “so much money and time were being rapidly expended to bring together disparate climate change groups, we knew something needed to change.” With the unification of C3 Boulder and Impact Hub Academy, a wonderfully diverse network of climate activists has been facilitated.

With the help of Impact Hub Boulder we now have a common space to convene on these pressing matters. Boulder Earth Week 2017 is an opportunity to celebrate collaborative change making, activism, and community. This week long event series will commence on April 17th and conclude on April 29th. Join us as we work together, for one week, in one place to see our efforts realized. With 40+ events and 40+ partners and co-conveners, there is no shortage of opportunity for involvement. Take climate action!

Interested in learning more?

Come on out to Impact Hub Boulder for the C3 Boulder Community Potluck Dinner at the end of each month!

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