Auden Schendler

On Thursday December 6 we are excited to welcome Auden Schendler as the first guest speaker in our new facility, part of the Impact Hub Boulder grand opening celebration. He is the author of Getting Green Done: Hard Truths from the Front Lines of the Sustainability Revolution, a guest writer for The Atlantic and frequently speaks at events around the world.

As Vice President of Sustainability for Aspen Skiing Company, Schendler actively ensures that sustainability is actively practiced as part of his company’s business model.

This is the fifth in our series, An Evening with a Changemaker , which has been well attended, and strongly reviewed. Here is some of the feedback we’ve received:

“The group was able to dive deeper into the topic than when a speaker is behind a podium. I left with a better understanding of the issues and potential solutions.”

Not your typical lecture with Q&A, these evening events are more like MTV unplugged. It’s a close-up, intimate discussion with an influential changemaker who is having direct impact on the world.

“The format is welcoming and relaxed. I was comfortable asking questions, which I typically don’t do at speaker events.”

Currently Schendler is helping a create methane conversion plant in the Colorado high country. Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) recently partnered with the Elk Creek coal mine, Holy Cross Energy, and Vessels Coal Gas on a $5.5 million investment to capture waste methane vented from a coal mine in neighboring Somerset, Colorado. Schendler sees this as an opportunity for a new industry in the US, one in which the US lags behind Europe and China, where carbon regulation exists.

The project has been covered on and the Aspen Business Journal:

“Coal-mine methane (CMM) is basically natural gas that has to be vented from underground coal mines for safety reasons. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says methane is up to 23 times more potent as a planet-warming greenhouse gas (GHS) than carbon dioxide (CO2).

“The brainchild of Tom Vessels of Denver-based Vessels Coal Gas, the new power project captures the methane coming out of the mine, cleans it and pumps into a generator that will produce 24 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year, or enough to power all of the buildings, chairlifts and other facilities at Aspen’s four ski areas while eliminating an estimated 96,000 tons of CO2 equivalent a year.”

We’ll be asking Auden about the methane project, as well as his work as a board member of Protect Our Winters. We hope you’ll join us on December 6 for a truly memorable evening.
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